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We do not record or even see your credit card details

We use Sagepay  to independently secure all credit card transactions, Sagepay is VeriSign Secured -



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Data Security Policy - Elegance2003 Ltd

Buy with confidence - Quality Assured - Personal Service

We have created this data security statement in order to demonstrate our firm and continuing commitment to the security and privacy of personal information provided by those visiting and interacting with this web site. We hold the privacy of your personal information in the highest regard. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices for this website.

We recognise the importance of protecting your data and our policy is designed to assist you in understanding how we collect, use and safeguard the personal information you provide to us. This policy will be continuously assessed against new technologies, business practices and our customers' needs.

1.    Information Security Policy

Elegance2003 Ltd manages orders from customers via a professional shopping cart (Mals E-commerce), any customer purchasing products is transferred securely to Sagepay (a PCI compliant company) for card processing.  No card information (apart from the card company name and the last 4 digits are accessable by Elegance2003 Ltd).

No customer data (name, address etc) is held for more than 24 hours on the shopping cart. All the customer data (name, address etc) is downloaded and held as duplicates on two cloud password secure files.

 Elegance2003 Ltd commits to respecting the privacy of all its customers and to protecting any data about customers from outside parties.  To this end management are committed to maintaining a secure environment in which to process customer personal information and cardholder information so that we can meet these promises.

We ensure sensitive cardholder data is managed as followed:-

*                Handle Company and cardholder information in a manner that fits with their sensitivity (see above);

*                Limit personal use of Elegance2003 Ltd information and telecommunication systems;

*              Elegance2003 Ltd reserves the right to monitor, access, review, audit, copy, store, or delete any electronic communications, equipment, systems and network traffic for any purpose;

*              Do not use e-mail, internet and other Company resources to engage in any action that is offensive, threatening, discriminatory, defamatory, slanderous, pornographic, obscene, harassing or illegal;

*              Do not use e-mail, internet and other Company resources to market directly to our customers. Access to our web site is your choice.

*              Protect sensitive cardholder information (see below);

*              Keep passwords and accounts secure;

*              Information security incidents must be managed, without delay

2. Protect Card Data 

All sensitive cardholder data stored and handled by Elegance2003 Ltd must be securely protected against unauthorised use at all times. Any sensitive  data that is no longer required by Elegance2003 Ltd for business reasons will be discarded in a secure and irrecoverable manner.

It is strictly prohibited to store:

1.     The contents of the payment card magnetic stripe (track data) on any media whatsoever. 

2.     The CVV/CVC (the 3 or 4 digit number on the signature panel on the reverse of the payment card) on any media whatsoever. 

3.     The PIN or the encrypted PIN Block under any circumstance

4.     The above are all managed via Sagepay which is a PCI compliant company.

3. Data flow, Data Retention, Data Security

*       No personal data is collected or held on our web site. When ordering, the item and volume, is collected and passed to a professional and secure  remote shopping cart.

*       The shopping cart (Mals E-Commerce) collects the name, mailing and shipping address, and the email address. If you wish to progress to purchase this information is passed via a secure communication (Transport Layer Security 1.2 (TLS 1.2 )) to SagePay.

          These customer details and order are held in a database in a secure environment on the shopping cart. They are automatically deleted after 8 weeks by the shopping cart. For more security we delete all the information from the database within 24 hours.

*        SagePay will collect credit card details and confirm with the customers bank/credit card company via secure communication that the information is valid. SagePay has achieved the highest level of compliance under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI). They adhere to the most stringent levels of fraud screening, ensuring that your customer details remain secure throughout the transaction process. This data is held in encrypted format.

*       On successful completion the shopping cart is informed securely and a confirmation email of the purchase is sent to the customer and ourselves. We hold the confirmation email for 6 months to facilitate customer contact re the order only. It is not used for marketing purposes.

*       From the shopping cart database we create the customer invoice. This is held on 2 password protected cloud data files (redundancy measures in case of corruption) with access only granted to ourselves and our accountant (limited data access). For UK tax purposes the invoices are held for 6 years.

*        The only other files we hold are for order and business tracking purposes and are held on a protected cloud data file. The personal data consists of order number, customer name, amount of purchase, type of product, dates of order and shipment. No email contact details are held on this files.


Buy with confidence - Quality Assured - Personal Service



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